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An absolute mecca for backpackers and digital nomads, Bangkok has more than its fair share of fun things to do and explore! There’s the street food, the ornate temples, the shrines, and of course, the canals!

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Bangkok Urganic Farm

Picture it: You hop aboard a boat to an organic Thai farm, where you sample freshly grown fruit, sip a homemade coconut drink (yum), and do a little of your own hands-on planting. If you think this sounds like one of the best things to do in Thailand, we’re right there with you! And as luck would have it, our travelers get this exact opportunity on our small group Adventure Tour of Thailand.

“This is a truly unique experience that many travelers to Thailand won’t get,” said staffer Kevin. “Our host/guide is passionate about his work to farm sustainably and organically, and has carved out a little slice of paradise amidst the most urban part of Thailand. Thai cuisine is all about fresh ingredients, and many dishes are relatively simple. Visiting this farm and doing a hands-on activity gives our travelers a tactile appreciation for that.”

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Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

MOCA BANGKOK has been purposely built to showcase and exhibit the exceptional works of art collected over the past three decades by Boonchai Bencharongkul, whose passion for art runs deep. The museum is also intended as a tangible sign ofappreciation for the many great favours bestowed upon the Thai people by our beloved monarch, King Rama IX, and is dedicated to the honour of Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the “Father of Contemporary Art” in Thailand. MOCA BANGKOK displays works of art inspired by traditional Thai modes of expression alongside art that has been influenced by the introduction of Western artistic styles and techniques. Some 800 works selected from Boonchai Bencharongkul’s private collection are exhibited in the 20,000 square metres of well – lit white space. These artworks stand as a statement of Thai creativity, beliefs, and thought processes. They also place for the first time on permanent display, a large quantity of what can be considered the best works of Thai art-a te

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The Erawan Museum

The Erawan Museum is a beautiful and unique museum outside the city known for its 30m tall, 3-headed elephant sculpture called Erawan, based on a Hindu deity. The museum was under construction for years, having started in 1994 and completed in 2002. The elephant is the largest free-standing statue in the country! The three-headed elephant stands atop an elegant pink building with a lavish, jeweled staircase inside. The museum is full of antiquities and Thai cultural objects, as well as a serene and colorful atmosphere. The bottom floor is supposed to represent the underworld, the second floor the earth, and the top – heaven, shown by the world map and zodiac symbols on the stained glass ceiling.

The inside of the elephant is even home to a colorful, artistic temple housing ancient Buddhist relics, which you reach by climbing inside one of the elephant’s legs.

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Benchakitti Park

Many people don’t realize Bangkok has green spaces. Benchakitti Park is a peaceful oasis in the city where you can feel like you’re miles from civilization for a few moments. There’s an actual forest park and a massive lake with walking and biking trails around it. Some of the forested areas are fully wooded, and if you didn’t see buildings on the skyline (and probably hear some traffic), you’d think you were far away from the craziness of the city. Benchakitti or Lumphini Parks are perfect for a morning walk or a picnic.

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Artist House

The Artist’s House is an awesome Bangkok Hidden Gem tucked inside Khlong Bang Luang Floating Market. I discovered this place while looking for floating Markets in Bangkok that are open daily (not just on weekends) and this is one of the best spots I found!

The Artist House is a canalside house full of different artisans and vendors selling all kinds of handicrafts and handmade products. From paintings to postcards and tapestries to clothing, you can find so many unique items here! And the best part is that the view is also stunning of a canal only about 15 mins from the city.

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Big Dog Cafe

The big dog cafe is a vast open area with dogs and horses on-site and a cafe open to the public where you can interact with a few animals at a time.

The café owner brings out a certain amount of dogs at a time to the common area to interact with guests (if they want to) and you can see the other animals on-site. Absolutely epic! Their Instagram is above.

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Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville is one of the coolest Bangkok hidden gems and most creative concepts. It is a ‘theme park open-air restaurant’ with fun and colorful decorations reminiscent of different places around the world, boat rides, animals, characters, and tons of food to choose from. This is truly like a mini-Disneyland within Bangkok and perfect for family fun.

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Amulet Market

The Bangkok amulet market is one of the more off-the-beaten-track markets in Bangkok with a more spiritual subject. Amulets are sacred in Thai culture to protect the wearer from a variety of things depending on which amulet is worn, and this market has thousands of them! If nothing else, it is interesting to visit to learn about Thai culture and different beliefs.

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Floating Market

While not entirely unknown, Bangkok’s floating markets often take a back seat to the more popular attractions. Venture to places like Taling Chan or Khlong Lat Mayom to experience the authentic charm of these waterborne marketplaces. Savour local cuisine and shop for handcrafted goods from vendors in traditional boats.


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Bang Kachao: Bangkok’s Green Oasis

Dubbed the “Green Lung of Bangkok”, Bang Kachao is an urban jungle where you can escape the city’s chaos. Rent a bicycle and explore its lush parks, mangrove forests and quaint villages. Don’t miss Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden for a serene experience close to nature.

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