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Royal Osha

A majestic twist on its sister restaurant in San Francisco, Royal Osha aims to engage the senses with enticing flavours, aromas, textures, sights and sounds. The setting is a sleek, modern dining room decorated with Thai art. Start with a cocktail inspired by Ramakien characters, before enjoying dishes like the excellent tom yum kung mae nam (spicy, sour soup with river prawns infused with Thai herbs) and the (seasonal) chilled rice served with accompaniments.

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Located just a short walk away from the famous Wat Arun and the Grand Palace, The Sixth is a cosy and hip little cafe that is run by a young couple. They specialise in wholesome and soulful Thai food which include the likes of Tom Yum Koong, Phad Thai and Thai Green Curry.

The Sixth’s quirky and homely decor gives the entire place a very relaxed and chill atmosphere. While the place only has five tables and is perpetually crowded, we promise you that the experience here is well worth the wait.

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Paii, serving modern Thai seafood in one of Bangkok’s most iconic landmarks, The House on Sathorn. Taking its name from the Thai word ‘Paii’, which means to paddle, the restaurant presents the best of local and imported seafood while honouring the legacy of the founder of The House on Sathorn, Luang Sathorn Rajayutka, who created Sathorn Canal.

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Pet yang

“Pet yang” is the term used in Thai for roasted duck, and it is the main attraction of an institution located in Bangrak. This shop has been serving the same recipe and preparation methods since it first opened its doors in 1909. Today, the fourth generation of the original family still runs the place. The duck is slightly salty but perfectly balanced with a sweet sauce. The meat is so tender that it practically melts in your mouth, while the skin remains crispy. It’s simply heavenly.

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A beautifully restored garden home in the Sathorn area serves as a picturesque setting for Sühring’s contemporary interpretations of traditional German cuisine, not commonly found in Bangkok. The menu changes regularly, with dishes like spätzle and brotzeit being featured on alternate days. The restaurant is known for its extensive wine selection, with a focus on German wines, where you may discover your new favorite Riesling. The service is impeccable, and the patrons are elegantly dressed from head to toe.

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Issaya Siamese Club

The Issaya Siamese Club, a popular restaurant in Bangkok, has been making headlines recently. Despite not being a typical street food joint, my friend Dwight and I, along with our spouses, decided to pay the place a visit for a special occasion.

The restaurant is owned by Thai celebrity Chef Pongtawat Chalermkittichai, who is also known as Ian Kittichai. Chef Kittichai started his food career as a street food vendor, then attended culinary school, and later worked in Australia before becoming the executive chef at The Four Seasons in Bangkok. His success story is an inspiration to many.

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Supanniga Eating Room

Supanniga Eating Room is located downstairs, and its glass walls overlook the river, giving it a houseboat-like feel. The restaurant has an industrial, Brooklyn-esque design and is usually packed with a diverse crowd consisting of grad students, trendy Thai 30-somethings, and families out for dinner. The seating options are varied, including couches, iron and wooden chairs, and there is a long bar as well as stairs leading up to an open-air roof that is the prime location for dining. The kitchen is known for its bold flavors, large portions of traditional Thai comfort foods, and a heavy dash of creativity. You’ll find everything from smoked fish to braised bitter melon.

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Nai Mong Hoi Thod

Nai Mong Hoi Tod is a street food restaurant located in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown. It is a small and plain establishment that serves a local favorite dish called hoy tod or oyster omelets. The atmosphere is bustling with hawker activity and the sound of oil sizzling from the woks. The dish is made up of crispy fried egg, a chewy batter, and salty oysters, all topped with green onions.

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Le Normandie

To access the Le Normandie restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, you ride a small elevator in a hallway. Once the doors open, you’ll be impressed by the exquisite design that features antiques, golden-hued lighting, and stunning river views through the windows that stretch along the dining room. The restaurant offers an à la carte option and a tasting menu. The à la carte menu starts with beautiful canapés and moves on to perfectly cooked venison and scallops accompanied by bergamot, radish, and lime. Each French dish is a masterpiece.

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Main dishes are served as a sumrub, a Thai-style set that is designed to be enjoyed in individual portions. The peanut relish is made using a recipe found in an old cookbook and is satisfyingly delicious. The grilled pork jowls display contrasting flavors of red chili paste and sweet grape. The pad kaprao (basil stir-fry) with wagyu is extremely spicy but still worth a standing ovation.

Nusura serves food that strikes a balance between traditional flavors and creative tweaks. Due to the ongoing social distancing guidelines, the restaurant is only open for private dining with a minimum spend of 15,000. Once the situation returns to normal, a meal at Nusara will be priced at B1,990.

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