June 2019

The Success Story of HSCONF 2019

The 4th International Conference on New Findings in Humanities and Social Sciences – HSCONF – was, without a doubt, a massive success. Hosted on the 5th-7th of June, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, HSCONF gathered a highly international audience. Countries in attendance included Mexico, the United States, Italy, Slovakia, India, Nepal, France, Liberia, Cyprus, Vietnam, and many others.

Our scientific committee did a stellar job putting together the agenda for the event. Through a double-blind review process, they have selected abstracts and research that covered some of the most relevant and pressing issues: the right to be forgotten, the use of tablets and its influence in the motivation of students, basic education teachers’ extrinsic motivation, etc.

The event featured both oral and poster presentations. The high level of quality of HSCONF’s content already provided a strong basis for engaging conversations. What took it to the next level is the diversity of the audience, not only in terms of their geographical location, but backgrounds, fields of expertise, sectors, etc. Members of academia – scholars, professors, post-graduate students, and researchers – caught up with their peers in the private and government sectors.

HSCONF attendees were invited to join the free guided tour of Brussels, the political capital of Europe. Its cultural heritage, magnificent architecture and delicious food helped attendees leave the event with lifelong memories.

We hope to see you at HSCONF 2023!

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